Project Planning and Management

Project Planning and Management

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K 3200

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You’re in charge of a project. That’s great! Before you actually begin your project, you’re going to need a project plan. While it may be tempting to jump right into your project and figure things out as you go along, you’ll have much better results if you create a project plan first. Without a basic project plan, you may find your team directionless, or worse heading in multiple directions. In project management, proceeding without a project plan leaves you in danger of overrunning available resources and failing to achieve the client’s goals. A project plan ensures all stakeholders share the same vision, sets measurable goals for your project, establishes solid communication among team members and stakeholders, and serves as the foundation for project transparency. Without it, you’re setting yourself and your team up for project failure. Maybe you’ve been doing this for a while or maybe this is your first big project and you just googled “how to write a project plan.” Either way, we’re here to help.

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