About Us


As a public institution, Handsworth institute is socially committed to keeping up with increases in enrollment, ensuring that bringing education to a wider audience does not lower the level of quality. The institute is dedicated to keeping education current and updated. The institute see it as essential to keep curriculum content updated, guarantee conditions for training and upgrading of faculty and researchers, and strengthen learning-centered approaches. Consequently, the institute must implement a series of programs so as to guarantee it will provide comprehensive training for students, with optimal conditions to complete their studies. Students must develop abilities that enable them to work as responsible citizens and professionals.


Redefining Education through Relevant and Quality Educational Delivery.


To be an institute that provide innovative solutions in the field of health through the incorporation of technological innovation and research needed in Zambia and beyond.


To produce qualified and skilled graduates through the provision of comprehensive academic, along with professional training, quality facilities, and interactive partnerships with local and international entities.

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Core Values

Strive for excellence

We strive for excellence, seeking to apply the highest standards of education to benefit our communities.

Innovative and Creative thinking

We welcome new ideas from our staff and students as well as and our external partners. We support intellectual freedom, courage and creativity. We encourage the pursuit of innovation and opportunities.

Transparency, Sincerity and accountability

We act with integrity and professionalism and uphold the highest ethical standards. We are committed to transparency and accountability. Our decisions ensure responsible stewardship of the Institutes resources, reputation and values. We lead by example in all areas including our approaches to sustainability.

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